• A culturally-historically classified – and for decades neglected – property that meant a balancing act between the property’s conditions and the direction of the brand platform.
  • Three businesses that, despite belonging to the same company group, have previously been located in separate premises, with separate flows and culture, which would now come together.
  • A global brand platform that required local adaptation to Swedish building and interior design standards as well as the anchoring process with the central client organization in London that followed.


  • Local search inside or close to Stockholm Central Business District.
  • Conducting a joint strategy workshop with the three companies, after which separate processes was established for each company, including conducting in-depth interviews to identify and define needs.
  • Development of a design concept that considers both the brand platform and the property’s conditions and inherent qualities.


  • A design concept where the house’s Art Nouveau architecture has been cross-fertilized with the overall brand platform and its tonality.
  • A work where architectural details have been preserved and strengthened while contemporary expressions have been allowed to take place in the choice of materials and color scheme.
  • Establishment of social spaces that enable common flows, identity, and culture – and, as a result, an incredibly satisfied client.