• Accomplishing a modernization of an outdated and inaccessible property, making it attractive to both tenants and the local area.
  • Finding creative ways to challenge the existing detailed development plan and maintaining a constructive dialogue with involved parties.
  • Establishing an environment that spurs innovation and creativity while at the same time offering opportunities for recreation.


  • Consistent involvement throughout the entire process, starting with the completion of due diligence.
  • Acting as a strategic advisor to the client, the studio has managed all processes related to strategy and analysis, programming, concept development, and overall design. 
  • Playing a key role in igniting interest in the property, successfully capturing attention and engagement with key stakeholders.


  • A modern office building and creative hub that enhances the local area, featuring an innovative and flexible indoor environment with extensive outdoor solutions for both work and social activities.
  • A prominent restaurant with a spacious outdoor dining area, making the property accessible and attractive to the neighborhood.
  • Significant interest and new tenants from target groups, demonstrating the property’s appeal and versatility.
  • A new destination in the city and a place to remember.