• Accomplishing a modernisation – both external and internal – of a decommissioned property in poor conditions, without compromising its industrial heritage and expression.
  • To optimize spaces and create a flexible product that meets today’s requirements for a modern office building, while simultaneously catering to various tenants’ purposes and scenarios, adaptable over time.
  • To make the property attractive to tenants seeking a state-of-the-art office space, a product on par with central business district.
  • Managing both development and launch during times of a pandemic.


  • Led by Studio Stockholm, intensive collaboration with property owners, project teams, and contractors focused on transforming unused spaces into dynamic offices and communal areas, all under the strong Fenix concept.
  • Implementation of a product development process, complemented by a steadfast role as client representative and concept guardian, ensuring the project adheres to its vision and quality standards.
  • Development of detailed marketing materials and establishment of a project office for collaboration, along with active viewings for potential tenants and their representatives to stimulate interest and understanding.
  • Continuous refinement of the final product, emphasizing quality and sustainable solutions, including the integration of art to create an inspiring environment.


  • Elevating the entire Hagastaden neighborhood, FENIX has become a key factor in transforming the area, attracting a diverse range of new tenants.
  • Nearly fully leased, the property demonstrates its market appeal and demand, with tenants choosing FENIX with their heart, seeking more than just space.
  • As a flexible and adaptive product, FENIX stands out in a rapidly changing world, becoming a new landmark that enhances Hagastaden’s identity and prestige.
  • Competing on an international level, comparable to central business districts, FENIX sets a new standard for modern, innovative properties in the Swedish market.