• Accomplishing a modernisation – both external and internal – of a decommissioned property in poor conditions, without compromising its industrial heritage and expression.
  • Create spaces that meet today’s requirements of a modern office building and simultaneously cater to various tenants, purposes and scenarios over time.
  • Make the property attractive to exclusive tenants who are looking for state-of-the-art office space.


  • Studio Stockholm performs due diligence of the property in partnership with Scius Partners.
  • Studio Stockholm develops an innovative proposal that balance achieving total transformation through redevelopment and safeguarding the property’s heritage.
  • Studio Stockholm transforms previously unmarked space into offices by adding three new floors on top of the existing property.
  • In addition to an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically functional environment, Studio Stockholm elevates the social and natural value of the property, as well the offered standard, by adding restaurants and generous outdoor environments to be used by tenants.
  • Studio Stockholm plays a key role in making FENIX a product of international standard – a full service multi-tenant building and representative community place where the finishes, materials and solutions generate a more innovative product than comparable alternatives on the Swedish market.


  • Studio Stockholm have completely transformed the property by creating a modern and adaptable office building with a strong concept and an international standard.
  • Studio Stockholm have succeeded in challenging the existing floor plan structure and planning permit to create up an additional 6,000 sqm of leaseable office space.
  • Studio Stockholm have played a key role in generating interest within the property’s relevant target groups and helps channel stakeholders even before launch.