• Establish a concept store in a new market for a brand with very high ambitions.
  • Ensure that the strong concept is preserved in all its detail.
  • Ensure that all materials and functions are of the highest quality and that the premise’s potential is fully exploited.
  • Manage regulatory requirements and other local conditions.


  • Perform due diligence and preliminary works on chosen location.
  • Studio Stockholm to take full responsibility and work as tenant representatives and project managers throughout the process.
  • Implement architectural design during the design development phase and coordinate with local consultants as well as the landlord.
  • Supervise on site during construction.
  • Give advice on health and safety issues on site.
  • Assist with and commission tender documentation as well as offer advice on time plans.
  • Assist with fulfilling requirements regarding statutory authorities, permits etc.
  • Deliver post construction / packaging of necessary documents.


  • Project completed within the contract frame.
  • Shop completed in line with tenant concept and lives up to the brand’s ambitions in terms of quality and appearance down to the very last detail.
  • Project managed in a smooth way for the tenant, the property owner and the authorities involved.
  • New, exiting retail concepts enriches our cities.