• Creating a spatial experience that reflects brand values and finding ways to translate those values into relevant materiality.
  • Developing a tailored model that helps prepare the organization for transitioning into activity-based working – a flexible space as well as a secured HQ for a listed company.
  • Establishing an environment that reflects the entire organization – one Fabege.


  • The studio has acted as a strategic advisor throughout the entire process, including strategy and analysis, programming, concept development and design.
  • Furthermore, the studio has been responsible for introducing a new way of working, focusing on activity-based solutions.
  • In addition to the dedicated showroom area, the studio has worked to integrate the showroom experience into the whole office.


  • A timeless value-based concept that encapsulates the Fabege brand, focusing on a warm and welcoming atmosphere combined with an innovative, entrepreneurial and modern spirit.
  • A sustainable choice of material throughout the whole office, reflecting both Fabege’s dedicated focus on those issues and ensuring a long-term perspective on the interior.
  • A generous venue for potential tenants to explore the possibilities with the Fabege properties, both as a dedicated area and as part of the office as a whole.