• Rationalising a very large, vacant office building in an anonymous and remote location in Kista.
  • Identify a USP that will make the building attractive before housing and public transport is introduced into the area.
  • Solving the difficulty of renting out a structure previously suited to a large tenant.
  • Re-evaluating the association of the previous tenant with the building.


  • Develop a new vision and strategy for both the property and the North Kista and Torshamnsgatan area.
  • Make the building a talking point by giving it a new identity with the addition of attractive amenities and architecturally spectacular features.
  • Build a brilliant, hovering halo on the roof that will make the building a landmark that can be seen from the E4 and will put Kista Gate on the map.
  • Transform the building into a space-efficient, full-service property including a joint reception and restaurant, conference space, café and gym.
  • Activate the street improving the landscape architecture and making the outdoor environment more attractive.
  • Create a new structural solution allowing for multiple tenants.


  • The building has become an attractive property on the Kista market and now offers custom-made, inspiring office environments from around 500 sqm – 40,000 sqm.
  • The building has become a talking point and with the help of spectacular architecture and addition of attractive amenities it has helped to make North Kista a desirable location.
  • The building has a robust and flexible concept that can be integrated over time.