• Large municipal housing company with a weak brand.
  • Obsolete way of working. Poor internal communication and sky-high paper consumption.
  • A need for a better work environment and a flatter internal hierarchy.
  • A need to be a more inspiring landlord and be able to show customers various interior design options.


  • Perform an extensive initial analysis, strategy and feasibility study with workshops, employee performance surveys and interviews to create a mission statement and an overview of present needs and challenges.
  • Initiate an activity-based approach and a clear strategic goal.
  • Assist with the evaluation of the new premises.- Create an interior concept based on Gavlegården’s own communication concept “Make yourself at home”.
  • Design an activity-based office area using furniture and fittings to emanate a home-like atmosphere. Open a project room and project sites. Make space for a gym, dining room and garage.
  • Design a large entrance with an optional inspiring exhibition area.


  • An entirely activity-based office.
  • A more efficient way of working and satisfied employees.
  • A more positive and open corporate culture.
  • A better work environment and job satisfaction.
  • A completely paperless office.
  • The tenants are very positive towards the office’s optional exhibition space.
  • The office has strengthened Gavlegården’s brand and created the image of a modern, interesting and innovative company. From being an outdated municipal company they can now proudly state that they are Gävle’s first activity-based office. A place where people meet, thrive and grow.
  • The office has become an inspiring role model for other companies in the region.
  • The office has received many positive reactions in the local press and was nominated in the competition “Sweden’s best-designed office in 2016”.