• The company was located in an neutral office that did not reflect their brand or business.
  • Despite the company‚Äôs strong environmental profile, the office was not environmentally friendly.
  • The office was too small and was missing both reception and lunch room.
  • There was a need for a better work environment which would allow the staff to be able to work more cross-border in order to create more meetings and synergies between each other.


  • To reflect the brand’s core values, we chose to design the new office in the form of a large apartment. The whole office received a clear home feeling. This consisted of a welcoming hall, a business-friendly dining room as well as a large patio.
  • The company’s environmental profile played a key role in the design and a thorough quality control as well as a selection of economical and environmentally friendly materials were important ingredients in the concept.
  • In order to promote a more open and social environment, we created an inviting dining area and a large gathering place for the staff.
  • The entire office is also now prepared for an activity-based working approach.


  • A personal office concept that reflects Byggvesta’s values and perceived as an inspiring landlord. The office has strengthened Byggvesta’s brand and created a picture of a modern, welcoming and sustainable company.
  • The creation of a better and more open working environment. The new open and light office has led to increased employee satisfaction, a better social community and a more positive and open corporate culture.
  • The office has become a place for exciting meetings with tenants or consultants who come to visit.