• Finding solutions that capture the employees’ needs connected to the workplace, and thus enable them to perform at the top of their capacity.
  • Balance the company’s extremely high ambitions with the perspectives of other stakeholders.
  • Establishing unique solutions that support this growing organization, in all markets, both today and in the future.


  • Close collaboration with the company’s branding department to work in line with their brand and vision at every step.
  • In-depth analysis of the brand and working practices, including a large employee survey and fine-tuned pilot projects.
  • Enhancing cost-effective solutions with the company choosing to build in-house, rather than having the property owner do the renovations.
  • Emphasizing art projects to create the right sentiment, producing unique items.


  • A re-branding of the company’s physical environment and thus a solution that now strengthens the company’s already powerful brand.
  • An environment in which the perceived effectiveness among employees is extremely high.
  • A product to use globally, both in terms of the creative concept and solutions for the company’s agile way of working.