• Creating a completely new interior that is flexible and able to develop over time, along with the tenant needs
  • Developing an office that helps employees to live and breathe the new goals and strategy of the company
  • Eliminating the structural limitations in the building to make it more functional
  • Synchronising multiple processes with the tenant and property owner
  • Creating an office with sustainability and employee well-being in focus


  • Conducting a survey with Apoteket’s employees to analyse the needs, the work practice and company culture
  • Working with property owner Fabege to redesign and restructure the premises to better suit Apoteket’s coming needs
  • Transforming the premises and relocating areas like reception and an external area to better utilise rental spaces and facilitate security in the building
  • Replacing a poorly situated minor staircase and a main spiral staircase with one broad new staircase placed in the centre of the office to improve flow of movement and staff interaction
  • Developing all of the interiors and interior design
  • Introducing and planning for a new, more flexible, work practice


  • Accomplished the full refurbishing of the premises and interiors within a year’s time
  • The redesigned and restructured office helps Apoteket achieve its goals
  • The wider, centrally located staircase sparks impromptu meetings that help build relations, trust, interactions and respect
  • Water/fruit stations on each floor contribute to a healthier lifestyle
  • Flexible work stations and meeting places have enabled more effective interaction and a more agile working environment
  • Apoteket now has a platform that is better suited to a modern and competitive company
  • Fully transformed premises have been created for many years to come for a healthy and stable tenant