• Build and customise a 4000 sqm office building, giving it a more modern approach.
  • The renovation needs to take place at the same time that employees remain in the building. Staff must be able to work during the refurbishment in a functioning working environment.
  • Worn out technical installations.
  • The plumbing, lighting and technology need to be upgraded.


  • Rebuild the entire first floor to determine the new building standard with temporary evacuation zones for the affected employees. Gradually work on the property in stages. During the process rebuild parts of the sister company Lynx’s premises.
  • Upgrade HVAC, lighting and technology.
  • Design a new interior, new conference rooms, offices and common rooms.


  • Nearly 70% of the office has been rebuilt and meets the demands of a modern office and working environment.
  • The company has been able to remain at the same address throughout the process with minimal staff disturbance.