• Establish a new gym concept in a residential property in central Stockholm.
  • Change of use from a residential property in central Stockholm into a gym.
  • A dark premises in need of renovation and upgrade.
  • Control works that may disturb other residential tenants.
  • Employ high standards on fire safety, noise and ventilation.
  • Difficult exiting conditions affecting both the construction works and accessibility.
  • Limited budget and tight schedule.


  • Design a fresh interior design concept that can be sustained over time.
  • Ensure the available space can be adapted in a flexible way so that there is space for gym classes to be held within the limited square footage.
  • Install highly effective sound insulation – both inside and out onto the street.
  • Focus on effective and mood-generating lighting.
  • Contribute to project management and effective coordination of consultants.
  • Maintain close dialogue with the client and authorities to achieve the desired result.


  • The gym opened on time in March 2016 and is highly regarded by its satisfied customers.
  • The interior embodies and reflects the client’s unique product on the market.
  • Fresh and pleasant gym environment.
  • The residential property owner above is satisfied and is not disturbed by the gym.