Leading trio leave BSK and launch Studio Stockholm Arkitektur

Business managers Alessandro Cardinale, Carl-Michael Bonde and Marco Checchi leave BSK Architects and launch Studio Stockholm Arkitektur. Already, the company has 20 large assignments and employs 12 people with additional recruitment planned before the summer. The ambition is to develop the modern architect role and challenge both the industry and the market with a clear focus on value adding architecture.


Having previously been an industry where many offered the same thing, differentiation in the market is now imperative and trends show that the role of the architect is changing. Alessandro, Carl-Michael and Marco want to help drive this change so as to create an industry where an architect’s full potential is utilised while simultaneously increasing the focus on a customer’s business benefits.

“There is an antiquated approach to an architect’s role today. We see great advantages in an architect taking on a more global responsibility and being more involved in an entire process, from strategy to evaluation. Our vision is that a process and results will be pursued in the industry before form ideals”, says Marco Checchi at Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.


Home to both experience and ambitious visions:

Studio Stockholm Arkitektur work on projects that are challenging and where there is an explicit goal of creating added value in everything from the furnishings to the development of existing properties and new constructions.

The company has expertise in interior design, real estate development and commercial architecture. Interest and experience in these three areas has developed over many years, most recently at BSK Architects where Alessandro, Carl-Michael and Marco were successfully responsible for these three business areas.

“We will work with the processes that we see give our customers the best results in an organisation that is transparent and where we benefit from each other’s experience and expertise”, says Alessandro Cardinale.

“We want to see how far we can develop the modern architect role”, added Carl-Michael Bonde.