• Creating solutions that correspond to high ambitions, considering an office with fewer square meters.
  • Finding industry-specific solutions based on Oriflame’s needs, including strategic choices that prioritize the most important parts of their business.
  • Maintaining and supporting the core values of the Oriflame brand, given organizational change.


  • An initial phase of strategy and analysis, identifying needs and setting objectives together with the steering group.
  • The establishment of new structural solutions and adaptations to enable a hybrid way of working.
  • Creation of a design concept that supports and strengthens Oriflame’s business objectives and future goals.


  • An open and optimized space that meets the requirements of a large employer with sustainability at its core, without compromising the property’s room structure.
  • A modern materialization and a true reflection of Oriflame’s values, brand, and process, while strengthening the internal community and shared culture.
  • Establishment of focus areas as well as social spaces that allow spontaneous meetings, creating more dynamism and movement in the office landscape.
  • Increased pride among employees.
  • An open office environment to facilitate communication, team spirit and cohesion. One Oriflame equals one team!