• To develop flexible, functional and individual office furniture with a variety of options for both large and small, modern and activity based offices.
  • Win the trust and become a popular product amongst architects.
  • In the first phase, to begin with the creation of new products based on Brizley’s existing, secure but neutral range.


  • “Twisting the existing” became the first step in a longer process of change where Brizley gradually began to renew their range and in doing so approach a new audience. Instead of creating a whole new range of furniture from scratch, we built upon Brizley’s existing product range using their prior knowledge and experience.
  • With an updated colour scheme, new materials, refined symmetry and a consistently inventive approach, we created a new creative palette of furniture for the modern office.
  • Addition to what is missing: to create a fully functional concept, we needed to complement the existing range and therefore designed several new features such as handles, supporting structures and screens.
  • Give the furniture a conceptual name. Our products were linked to the activities of the modern office and were renamed, Keep, Gather, Work and Divide.
  • Special design for the exhibition stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017. In order to present Brizley’s new range at Scandinavia’s leading furniture fair, Studio Stockholm specially designed an exhibition stand that highlighted the qualities and the interplay between the furniture items.
  • Printed material in the new style. To highlight Brizley’s new range a separate catalogue was produced with a new, updated graphic images. The new products are also presented in a new way with focus on ease of use of the new range in the modern architect’s creative process and design.


  • An innovative range of furniture that with consistently clear design feeling and clever details can give a complete brand identity for both small and large offices.
  • With the storage furniture Keep, the meeting tables Gather, the table screen Divide and work tables Work, the foundation is laid for a new office concept.
  • The series was presented as planned in a specially designed stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2017 and received a very positive response.
  • The series will go on sale in the spring of 2017.
  • The cooperation between Studio Stockholm and Brizley continues and more exciting news will be announced shortly.