Studio Stockholm wishes Carl-Michael good luck as he begins a new chapter!

Our colleague and studio partner, Carl-Michael Bonde, will, with his ongoing parental leave, begin a new and exciting chapter of his life. This spring, he and his family will move to Scotland to take over the family golf and estate business.

This spring will bring significant change to your life – how do you feel?
It’s not an easy decision, of course, and for that reason, it’s something which has evolved with time. Today, Studio Stockholm is a better architectural studio than ever before. Despite an unusual spring, we have seen an increased demand for our services along with many new recruitments. In that respect, it naturally feels sad to not be a part of the continued journey. At the same time, right now is the perfect time for me and my family to begin a new chapter in life.

Yes, because what is the reason for this decision?
I would say there are ultimately two factors that have played a role in the decision. My father has run the family estate in Scotland for many years and now he naturally wants to take a step back as he reaches his retirement. At the same time, my wife and I see this as an excellent opportunity to lead a different lifestyle with our new son.

What does this mean for the future of Studio Stockholm?
Due to my current parental leave of absence we have already worked to ensure that both client relationships and projects continue on as before and that the handover and shift of responsibility will be seamless. We feel very confident with the intended plan for the future. I will also be involved as an advisor to the studio for some time to come. All in all, I believe that Studio Stockholm is well equipped for the future, as I know that great emphasis is placed on taking both the offer of the Studio and client relations to a new level.

Alessandro and Marco, how do you feel about this decision?
It is, of course, sad that we will no longer be working with Carl-Michael who has been an extremely appreciated colleague, friend, and indispensable component in making Studio Stockholm what it is today. At the same time, it’s easy to rejoice with Carl-Michael and his family in the adventure that awaits – we hope that the Scottish country life suits them well!


Studio Stockholm thanks Carl-Michael for his many years as an essential part of the Studio and wishes good luck to an esteemed colleague and dear friend!