Studio Stockholm wins housing contest

Bolite Homes AB, in close collaboration with Studio Stockholm Arkitektur, contributed to the winning proposal ‘Torghusen’ in a land-use competition in Rosendal, Uppsala.

Last summer Uppsala invited contestants to participate in their land-use competition and have now announced the winner. The basis for the proposal was to think freely, in a smart and sustainable way, with a focus on social integration, flexibility and greenery. Because the district is new, Studio Stockholm devoted a lot of thought on how to create stability in a new area, while contributing to diversity.

The vision for Torghusen was to create a pleasant and lively town square environment. Important parameters were to create a varied and detailed backdrop to the square, which in turn would give a feeling of warmth and comfort. It will be a lively place that will attract people and tempt them to explore the local streets in the Rosendal area. Torghusen is inspired by “townhouses” that tend to vary in shape, height and materials used.

“We are extremely pleased to work with Bolite homes to create a new and exciting neighborhood where we are striving to create a balance between long-term and sustainable architecture with the ambition to create something pleasant and attractive from the start. We very much look forward to developing the project further and seeing how this vision takes shape”, says Carl-Michael Bonde, a partner at Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.

The Rosendal area in development is expected to accommodate about 2 500 homes and 100 000 sqm of land for university-related activities.