Studio Stockholm is speaking at The Great Sustainability Day!

How can we design and build a property that remains current and relevant for 300 years? This is one of the questions that co-founder Alessandro Cardinale will address in his lecture during Fastighetssverige event, “Stora Hållbarhetsdagen” at the Grand Hotel i Stockholm on May 11th.


Sustainability goes far beyond reusing and employing sustainable materials. It’s about exploring innovative solutions and creating properties that endure the test of time. Having successfully completed numerous transformation projects, Studio Stockhom Arkitektur has a wealth of knowledge and insights to share in the field of new construction.

Join us on an exciting journey through three different projects where sustainability has taken centre stage and learn about the challenges and successes we have encountered along the way. Isabella Nilsson, Studio Stockholm’s Sustainability expert, Alessandro Cardinale and Vanna Gunnarsson will attend the conference.