Studio Stockholm develops Svenska Spel’s offices in Visby – focus on hybrid and agile working methods

Studio Stockholm Arkitektur and Svenska Spel extend their collaboration as Studio Stockholm has been commissioned to modernize the company’s headquarters in Visby. The focus of the project is to reform strategies and design an environment that supports a new and progressive way of working as a result of the pandemic – effectively presenting a new interpretation of the Svenska Spel brand.

Studio Stockholm and Svenska Spel initiated their collaboration already in 2014 when Studio Stockholm was responsible for Svenska Spel’s premises in Stockholm. The partnership is now being extended in connection to the headquarters commission in Visby.

Svenska Spel owns the property in Visby and has been on the premises since 1975. Svenska Spel owns the property in Visby and has been on the premises since 1975. The group has developed from handling physical money tickets to a world-class gaming company with tech in focus. They have previously worked partly remotely and the pandemic gave an extra boost to the decision on a fully flexible office that provides the opportunity for meetings in an inspiring environment. The surface is therefore reduced by just over a third, at the same time as existing environments are adapted to the new conditions.

– This is a really exciting project in several aspects. As a state-owned company, making this type of progressive decision does not only mean moving the positions forward in relation to the public sector but also in fact to the labor market as a whole. It is also fun – and important – that this type of investment is made in Visby, and it shows that it is possible to be an attractive employer outside the metropolitan areas, says Marco Checchi, project managing architect and co-founder of Studio Stockholm.

The project includes both design and redevelopment proposals for the property, as well as analysis, strategy, and programming for the modern way of working and a new physical interpretation of the brand and interior design. Through creating variations in the environment, areas optimized for the different teams have been designed, including for the many tech developers. A great focus has been on creating conditions for cooperation and meetings – both physical and in hybrid form – while maintaining flexibility and mobility.

– We are incredibly thrilled to continue this journey together with Studio Stockholm. Thanks to our previous collaboration and Studio Stochholm’s experience from working with large agile tech companies, they understand our needs today, and also how to create future-proof solutions, says Maria Z Furenmo, CHRO at Svenska Spel.

The new office covers a total of about 7,300 square meters, and the 400 employees are expected to move in at the end of the year.