Studio Stockholm designs Avalanche Studios’ new office

Avalanche Studios is one of Sweden’s largest game developers with offices in Stockholm and New York. Their success stories include games such as The Just Cause series, The Hunter and Renegade Ops. The newly-started Studio Stockholm Arkitektur is helping Avalanche Studios with an entirely new concept for their new premises on the top floor of Kv. Nattugglan in Södermalm, Stockholm. The premises are 3,000 sqm.

“Avalanche Studios is a very exciting company. They have a distinctive character in the games industry with their familiar atmosphere and trendy attitude. This is something we aim to translate into the physical environment. We have extensive experience of working with game developers and it is gratifying for our new company that this client wishes to continue to work with us”, says Marco Checchi, a partner at Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.

The assignment is a typical example of how Studio Stockholm Arkitektur works with companies that want strong and personal concepts for their work environment. Studio Stockholm Arkitektur has expanded rapidly since its inception and already has 18 employees.

“Avalanche Studios is facing its biggest year since the company was founded a decade ago. In 2015, we will release the long-awaited Mad Max and are also planning several major surprises. It feels amazing to do all this in our new premises that reflect both the studio’s history and future. We have long followed Marco Checchi and are confident that Studio Stockholm will create a world-class creative office”, says Christofer Sundberg, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios.

The company will be moving into their new premises in September 2015.