Studio Stockholm Arkitektur collaborates with Miele to create a global design guide and a new office in Stockholm

Miele and Studio Stockholm have embarked on a collaborative venture to create a global design guide for all of Miele’s offices, showrooms, and training spaces. The collaborative project aims to inspire and support Miele’s teams in leading the industry in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Miele, a world-leading developer, designer, and manufacturer of home appliances, employs over 20,000 people in more than 80 countries.


Miele is undergoing extensive development of its business and organization. In line with the company’s motto – Forever Better – they are seeking an updated office concept to implement across various markets. Studio Stockholm was involved early in the process and is responsible for developing the design guide for Miele’s Northern European offices, showrooms, and training spaces. As a first pilot project, they are also responsible for the design of the company’s new office in Stockholm.

Miele’s workplaces and offices should always reflect its innovative and pioneering mindset. The spaces are driven by creativity and new ideas, combined with sustainable solutions. Whether you’re in a small or large Miele office, visitors should always get the same sense of their universe. There should be a connection to history, experience, and pride over products, and being at the forefront when it comes to materials and solutions, says Carl Rössner, lead architect at Studio Stockholm.


The design guide focuses on creating new environments and strategies that support a progressive way of working, taking inspiration from changes within the business as well as the world at large. For Miele’s pilot project in Stockholm, Studio Stockholm serves as a strategic partner throughout the process, responsible for evaluating new premises, strategy, brand analysis, design concept, and interior project planning. The goal is to create an efficient workspace, alive with innovation, leveraging Miele’s business knowledge and experience, and Studio Stockholm’s expertise in office and real estate development.


For us, it was crucial to find a strategic partner who prioritizes quality and long-term cooperation. We are facing an important phase in our development, as we transition from a traditional way of working towards a more modern Miele. It feels reassuring to transform our high ambitions into a physical environment that reflects our values together with Studio Stockholm, says Niklas Mair, CEO of Miele.

Miele is now finalizing negotiations for its future premises, with a move scheduled for Spring 2024.