Studio Insights: Redefining Workspaces – A New Era?

On March 20, Ability Partner is organizing the conference Future Office and Work Methods, for the thirteenth year in a row and once again, Marco Checchi, founding partner and architect MSA/MFA at Studio Stockholm, is participating as an expert in the panel. 


Under the leadership of Heléne Lidström, and together with Åsa Götling, Christoffer Frisell, and Jennica Lenning, he will delve into the issue of how to increase occupancy and make the office a meeting place that supports new flexible working methods.


Here he shares his thoughts on some of the biggest trends we are seeing in the field right now: 


  • Post-Pandemic Recovery and Adaptation. After a period of caution during the pandemic and a tough economic climate, we now see more and more companies making significant decisions about their office spaces. Compared to before, it’s becoming more common to reduce the size of premises, clearly indicating an adaptation to hybrid working and new needs related to physical space. If this continues, we’re likely to see a restructured rental market with increased availability, more vacancies, and potentially reduced rental costs.


  • Dynamic and Multifunctional Spaces. As a result of shrinking office spaces, the demand for multifunctional spaces is increasing, and there’s a growing need to optimize the use of existing resources. An example is how meeting rooms are transformed to function as yoga studios, training rooms, or other activity-based spaces.


  • Attracting Employees to the Office. This has been a big question in recent years and it continues to be highly relevant. To compete with remote working, we see more and more companies focusing on creating spaces for focused work at the office. It’s not just the size of the premises that’s important, but also creating an attractive and functional work environment that encourages employees to come to the office while combating the threshold of not working from home.


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