Studio Insights: Transforming Real Estate – From Ordinary to Exceptional

On April 25, Alessandro Cardinale, founder and partner at Studio Stockholm Arkitektur, will participate in Fastighetsdagen, hosted by Fastighetsvärlden in Gothenburg. His session, “Transforming Real Estate – From Ordinary to Exceptional,” will explore the sustainability-driven necessity of refining and transforming properties, rather than opting for demolition and new constructions. The FENIX project in Hagastaden will be showcased as a prime example of how a transformation project can successfully convert an ordinary property into a unique, enduring, and continually relevant asset.

Here, Alessandro shares three key insights on transforming everyday properties into future-ready, attractive assets:

  • Time as a Strategic Asset

Incorporating time as a central element in our architectural and design philosophies is crucial. It involves prioritizing the future utility of spaces, rather than focusing solely on their immediate function. This forward-thinking approach compels us to consider the entire lifecycle of a building—from its initial design and construction to potential future adaptations and functionalities. By treating time as a strategic asset, we ensure that the structures and spaces we create are not only innovative and appropriate upon completion but also adaptable and enduring.


  • The Value of Flexibility

Architectural flexibility, especially concerning material use and spatial design, is essential to create solutions that stand the test of time. For example, in the FENIX project, we focused on movable elements rather than permanently integrating into the architecture. This strategy allows for intelligent use of a building’s identity and ensures that the architecture can adapt to changing needs without costly renovations.


  • Contextual Anchoring
    Effective architecture resonates with its context, which includes the city’s character, historical layers, and specific local conditions. This connection not only enhances the property’s relevance and integration within its environment but also strengthens its market presence by reflecting a deep understanding of its setting. Establishing such a foundation is vital for a property to withstand the test of time and maintain its value and appeal.


Studio Insights is a format where Studio Stockholm shares analyses, insights, and trend observations in interior architecture, architecture, and design.