Studio Stockholm creates Sweden’s most stylish office

Press release, November 6, 2019 

Sweden’s most attractive office was chosen today at an award ceremony at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The competition aims to highlight both aesthetically pleasing environments and smart workplaces adapted to both the company and its employees’ specific needs. This year’s winner is the gaming company Kindred, which hired Studio Stockholm to help develop its new workplace. 

— Studio Stockholm has for several years worked with a number of different gaming and tech companies, which means we understand the industry well and have many suggestions and solutions that create value over time. Kindred realised that they needed to develop an international tech hub in Stockholm that reflects the company’s culture and values. Today they are rewarded with a well-deserved award, says Marco Checchi, founding partner and interior architect at Studio Stockholm.


Kindred continues to grow and the office concept reflects this scalability and expansion through the possible addition of more workspaces to the existing premises.


In terms of design, Studio Stockholm aimed to strike a balance between digital and analogue elements, and actively worked to minimise formal barriers between departments and rooms in order to open up the office. Already, only seven months after moving in, it’s clear that these design concepts have positively affected Kindred, leading to a greater exchange of ideas and spontaneous meetings, as well as increased customer insights. In the same way, work teams have become more efficient thanks to their new and adaptive work environments. Kindred’s Stockholm office has proven so successful that it will represent and inspire Kindred Group in its global expansion.


— From the very beginning, Studio Stockholm wanted to understand what kind of company Kindred is and will be in the future. We are constantly in a growth phase and need a flexible office that can be transformed with the changing company. Studio Stockholm managed to design a successful concept that reflected this. We turned to our 350 employees with 48 different nationalities to understand their needs and wishes for our future office. Together, we created an office that not only works perfectly today but one which will continue to fit Kindred’s future needs. Sustainability is important to us and it’s fully reflected in the design of our workplace. That is something we succeeded in and are very proud of, says Kajsa Ericsson, head of facility management at Kindred Group.


Kindred group has more than 1,600 employees around the world with offices in London, Malta, New York and Sydney. The Stockholm office, with its 350 employees on 8,000 sqm, was completed in April 2019 in a property owned by AMF Fastighet. The team from Studio Stockholm consisted of interior architects Marco Checchi, Anders Johnsson and Erik Barnes.

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