Dice is nominated for the Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2018!

Our client Dice is one out of four projects nominated to the Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2018 in the category Light & Lightening.

The jury’s motivation:

“Based on the interior design and DICE’s unique demands, Node Light Design and Studio Stockholm Architecture have developed a strong and unique light concept.”

The winner will be presented in June, 2018.


About the light concept for Dice:
Dice is one of the world’s leading game developers with successes like Battlefield, Battlefront Star Wars and Mirror’s Edge. With their new studio of about 15,000 square meters on the island Södermalm in Stockholm, a whole new concept has been created by Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.

Based on the interior design concept and Dice’s unique requirements, Node Light Design and Studio Stockholm Arkitektur have developed a strong and unique light concept, resulting in a number of system solutions with specially designed luminaires. The general light is incorporated into a hexagonal grid which creates flexibility with a distinctive and graphical expression and is controlled by the direct requirements of each team.

A blend of digital and analog light creates a great variety of rhythm and direction. The light on the social surfaces has a distinctly warm character, while the light on the work surfaces has a peppy, colder character. Speedgates with programmable light nodes, the 7m in diameter pendulum luminaire in the lounge, the linear / binary illumination in the communication areas as well as the ceiling lights of the dining room all contribute to give an infinite reflection of light over Södermalm.

The lighting composition in its entirety has succeeded in reflecting the company’s core and identity and is at the same time a general concept throughout the premises at the same time as being unique. Without compromise, the lighting concept has taken the necessary place and importance which has been required to achieve the end desired result.


For more pictures of the Dice project, click here.