Cirio law firm chooses Studio Stockholm Arkitektur for a new office at attractive address

Studio Stockholm Arkitektur has been commissioned to develop Cirio law firm’s offices at the intersection of Biblioteksgatan and Jakobsbergsgatan. The assignment includes design concept and interior design for the four top floors of the property Vildmannen 7 and moving in is estimated for the autumn of 2023.


The collaboration began in 2020 in connection with Studio Stockholm acting as a partner in the strategy work for Cirio’s future premises and has since assisted through the search and evaluation process. As the work now enters the next phase, the focus is on creating an office environment that reflects Cirio’s position as a challenger in a conservative industry.


  • We are incredibly happy about the extension of this collaboration. It is always very exciting to be involved and create a product with the stated ambition to be at the forefront of a certain industry. It is also an assignment that suits us very well, both in terms of our experience of similar projects and what we as a studio ourselves come from, says Marco Checchi, responsible architect, and co-founder of Studio Stockholm.


Through areas that enable cross-functional collaborations between both employees and clients, Cirio want to break the silo structure, and at the same time build an open and inclusive culture. The new office will therefore offer a more dynamic and varied work environment – with a number of different solutions for workflows, meetings and projects – compared to the traditional law firm.


This was also a reason why the choice of property fell on Vildmannen 7 in the prestigious Bibliotekstan. After the fire that destroyed the property in 2017, extensive work has been done to build a new property behind the stone facade. Today’s premises offer large, flexible areas with good opportunities to let Cirio’s brand take its place and support the agency’s expansion.


  • We want a partner who can challenge us in terms of both the physical design and the way of working that best meets our business goals. Studio Stockholm has done this with gusto – they quickly won our trust by showing that they want to understand our challenges in depth and thereby create solutions that meet our needs, says Lars-Henrik Andersson, partner at Cirio.


The new office covers 2200 square meters. The move-in for the more than 130 employees is planned for the autumn of 2023.


For more information:

Marco Checchi, responsible interior designer and co-founder of Studio Stockholm


Illustration: Walk the Room AB