A new innovation in collaboration with Verk

Proud to introduce our latest innovation – A multifunctional, foldable stool, in collaboration with Verk

Designed to integrate effortlessly into any space while making a statement, V.SS.01 serves as both a practical seating option and a unique wall decoration. Its clean, pared-down form, rooted in the principles of authenticity and minimalism, enables versatile use across various environments.

– In the design process, we were inspired by the old Shaker movement, which values minimalism and where beauty is said to lie in the function. V.SS.01 is developed just like that – it is simple and honest, with genuine Swedish materials, while also embracing a graphical cleverness in its construction. When hung on the wall, it becomes a piece of art with a strong character, says Anders Johnsson, designer at Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.