Elgiganten strategically relocates – hires Studio Stockholm for the new office

Elgiganten will be moving their back-office activity to Franzéngatan 6 on Kungsholmen from Akalla and has decided to appoint Studio Stockholm Arkitektur to develop the new office. The assignment includes 2300 square metres divided into three floors. Studio Stockholm is not only responsible for the concept development for these new premises but also the improvement of both various working techniques and office environment. 

The collaboration between the firms was already established in connection with Studio Stockholm acting as a strategic partner to Fabege through the development of the premises at Franzéngatan. As the process now approaches a new stage in the development, Elgiganten has given the responsibility to Studio Stockholm to be in charge of both the architectural concept and its design, and to develop a working technique with focus on activity-based environments. In addition to the office space/seats, the new premises will also include separate conference and educational facilities which will be enjoyed by all employees at Elgiganten.    

The target is to create a back office which corresponds to the attraction Elgiganten already maintains/acquires as both an employer and as a brand. Studio Stockholm’s focus will hence be on the planning and manifestation of a back office that very clearly relates to the retail operations around the country. Through this implementation, the goal will be to achieve greater cooperation and thus more synergies.  

– This collaboration makes us very happy. Elgiganten is, to say the least, a well-known brand with straightforward principles and a strong presence in numerous Swedish cities. To be able to interpret this in an office environment for those divisions in our organisation which are unavailable to work in-store/retail will be a fun challenge, says Karolina Nyström, Lead Architect at Studio Stockholm. 

Elgiganten has for several years had its back-office activity in the suburban area Akalla. The new office is therefore a part of the strategic relocation which offers their co-workers a more central location with considerably improved communicational aspects and a more inspiring environment where modern solutions stand as the main focus. 

– There is comfort in knowing we have such an experienced partner like Studio Stockholm on the journey we have just embarked on. They have taken on this assignment with a strategic excellence which only further proves their understanding for our wants and needs. I, along with many others, truly look forward to moving into the new office space, says Niklas Eriksson, CEO at Elgiganten. 

The office at Franzéngatan 6 will fit at least 100 employees and the official move in date will take place in September 2022. 

For more information: 

Karolina Nyström, lead architect at Studio Stockholm

Email: karolina.nystrom@studiostockholm.se