• To turn a move out of downtown into something positive
  • To get all players to understand and affirm Tre’s unique needs
  • Trying to unite all of the company’s different departments with their widely different needs and bringing these together to reach a solution that would work for everyone


Studio Stockholm worked very closely with Tre’s steering committee during the entire process, since all of the choices made by the steering committee have been strategically important. This has not “only” been about a new office, but also about a strategic move for the brand and the company, geographically and in terms of identity. The Studio has had on-going meetings scheduled with the steering committee every month over a three-year period. In addition to this, there has been a large degree of involvement among the employees. Tre is a changing organisation that is constantly expanding and Studio Stockholm’s assignment was, among other things, about building in an opportunity for flexibility.


The physical result is the building on Entrétorget in Söderstaden, Stockholm, inaugurated in late September 2018. We have already received a lot of spontaneous and positive reactions. As with all of our projects, we will also measure and follow up a number of parameters within six months to ensure that the product has met the requirements that were initially set.