• The building itself, originating from the early 19th century, needed a tailored approach to balance the historic architecture with the requirements of a modern retail space. The floor was leaning significantly and thus had to be corrected.
  • The two-floor venue was equipped with a narrow staircase that didn’t attract the customers to explore the second floor.
  • The Synsam sub-brand, Ai Eyewear, was to be integrated into the flagship store for the first time, which required strategic as well as creative considerations.
  • The area needed detailed planning with regards to the amount of store interior combined with the objective of accomplishing an optimized flow.


  • Studio Stockholm acted as both architect and strategic advisor and has conducted the project throughout the entire creative process in which the current concept was tailored and refined.
  • As with the Stockholm flagship store, a holistic approach was taken regarding all of the communication areas, merchandising areas, and look of the store.
  • Given the historic nature of the building, a strong focus was put on how to find innovative solutions that helped preserve its heritage while at the same time making the venue a retail space of its time.


  • A well-planned retail space where the modern attributes of the Synsam, as well as the Ai Eyewear brands, are well incorporated with the heritage of the building.
  • A venue where straight lines have been accomplished after thorough analysis, along with a generous staircase resulting from a careful opening of the joists.
  • A customer-focused retail experience that in every square meter is designed to support the business objectives of Synsam.
  • In sum: a store that, despite the past year’s crisis, shows that the physical store isn’t dead but rather the opposite.