• Adapting to the post-pandemic work environment while enhancing Svenska Spel’s attractiveness as an employer in the competitive tech sector.
  • Embedding Svenska Spel’s customer-centric approach into the physical workspace while effectively utilizing the existing space to promote modern work methods.
  • Addressing initial misperceptions of the project as a simple refurbishment, instead of a complete workspace transformation.


  • The development of a comprehensive transformation strategy expanded upon Svenska Spel’s preliminary analysis.
  • Promoting greater interaction between floors, introducing a diverse range of work environments, and unveiling previously hidden operations to the forefront.
  • Utilizing local materials from Gotland to create an authentic yet modern environment.


  • Positive feedback from employees, with an observed increase in productivity.
  • Successfully attracting talent from beyond Stockholm and Visby, leveraging the transformed workspace.
  • A disconnection of 2000 sqm without loss or perceived lack of space, creating a long-term economic benefit.
  • The project demonstrated how a building, initially thought to be beyond its prime, could be transformed into a modern, sustainable workspace, extending its usability for years to come.