• Create an environment that reflects the company’s sustainability responsibility and seriousness.
  • Create an environment that supports the business’ objectives and where employees can thrive and perform well.
  • The new office will be significantly smaller (18,000 sqm to 7000 sqm).- The organisation needs to become more open and flatter.
  • Government client – all purchases to comply with the Public Procurement Act (LOU).
  • The organisation has offices in both Stockholm and Visby so the new office needs to be accessible and welcoming to those commuting from Visby.
  • Reduce internal paper consumption.
  • Integrate several internal products and brands co-existing under one roof.


  • Create a timeless, long-term concept worthy of a large state owned company.
  • Convey the products and brands in an equal and neutral way so it is possible for them to come together under one umbrella.
  • Design and name all conference rooms after the organisation’s product brands, consequently giving them their own space, identity and attention.
  • The organisation’s environmental responsibility policy should be demonstrated through consistent qualitative  decisions and the choice of sustainable materials. All products should be Swedish and environmentally certified.
  • Studio Stockholm should evaluate all interior design bids according to the Public Procurement Act (LOU).
  • Design a creative, stimulating and good physical working environment.
  • Develop an open environment that allows for individual work, group work and meetings.
  • Facilitate so that the two offices can meet both physically and digitally. Focus on technical solutions such as video conferencing, integrated guest workplaces and large common rooms where the whole organisation can gather for meetings.


  • A timeless office that reflects the brand’s soul and conveys the image of a modern, innovative and responsible company.
  • The office has a strong brand image and succeeds in highlighting individual products and their successes.
  • The employees are thriving and have been rewarded with a creative, stimulating and good physical working environment.
  • Increased productivity has been achieved through better cooperation between the offices in Stockholm and Visby.
  • The project was nominated in the competition “Sweden’s best-designed office in 2016”.