• Establishing an environment for a global company to manifest its core principles, while harmonizing local nuances with a global outlook.
  • Overcoming the constraints of a tight schedule and addressing pandemic-related uncertainties, particularly in material deliveries and logistics.  
  • Ensuring the reflection of Pembroke’s professional corporate standards while also boosting creative exploration.


  • Initial analytical work through in-depth interviews with the steering group and employees to establish a unified vision. 
  • Programming based on Pembroke’s needs, followed by drawings of optimized flows and floor plans.
  • Integrating the office environment with the urban expression of the outdoor environment, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience.


  • An activity-based office where every detail, from the coffee pantry to lounges, exudes high quality and thoughtful design.
  • Successfully fulfilling the initial vision by creating an office that clearly reflects Pembroke’s brand and identity, with an emphasis on long-term sustainability.
  • An office that succeeds in bridging and uniting Pembroke’s global position with the local Swedish market – while also serving as inspiration for the company worldwide.