• Finding solutions that meet the requirements of a total transformation while also taking into account sustainability in general, and the property’s sustainability standards in particular.
  • Handling the very large scale of the premises during a pandemic with very limited access.
  • Creating a timeless design and standard having to manage the previous renovation completed in 2014


  • Creating a strategy in converting the large premises in a multi-tenant modern building.
  • Actively work with commercial content, opening and activating the bottom floor and common areas, making distributions logistic and effectivity of spaces better.
  • Working together with the municipalities of Solna and Sundbyberg to upgrade the external areas around the building.
  • Enhancing existing qualities, and while physically transforming the building also creating a new one, such as larger openings in the facades and atriums, adding large planters with adult trees, adding lighting to support activities and make spaces interesting.
  • Certifying the real estate as Bream in Use with aimed level Outstanding.


  • Ongoing.