• Creating an office space that helps accelerate the brand journey for a growing company at the forefront of their industry.
  • Establishing a workplace platform that strengthens culture and that builds one brand, even though the organization is spread out on 7 different floor plans.
  • Optimizing workflows that support the innovative way of working that characterizes King in general, and the agile development teams in particular.


  • Working close to Head of Brand to process what defines King today and what will define the company in the future – who are the people working at King, and what culture characterizes the business.
  • Dedicating one floor plan that assembles all social spaces – such as rooftop terrace, live stage, and lounge area – to create a natural meeting point for all parts of the company.
  • Toughly analyzing how to create the right conditions for an agile way of working.


  • Strategy and concept development have contributed to strengthening the brand and the creation of a new physical platform for what the brand should represent, today and in the future.
  • Analysis has led to the further development of King’s agile way of working, resulting in increased effectiveness and productivity within the organization.
  • In total, the new office has led to the establishment of one, joint culture for the whole company and strong incentives for the employees to return to the office after the corona pandemic.