• Two companies with different cultures were merging and moving to a new office.
  • Creating an interior concept that conveys the company’s high level of service and customer focus.
  • A need for space to accommodate many customer meetings.
  • Be able to fit a lot of people in a limited space.
  • Tight schedule.


  • Complete thorough groundwork including analysis of working style and brand positioning.
  • Create an environment that feels nurturing and welcoming down to the smallest detail. Participating in a meeting at JLL should feel personal and like visiting a good friend in their home.
  • Base the interior concept of “a home” on a warm welcoming feeling, a strong personality and exclusive solutions that exude quality throughout every stage.
  • Design all meeting rooms with their own individual look and tailor accordingly. Use inspiration from old pictures and name all the rooms after the building’s history.
  • Design the office interior in a way that encourages cooperation and collaboration. The office should have a natural flow and promote the ability to work separately, hold intensive developmental dialogues in a group, visualize a project, or meet and hold a confidential conversation.
  • Create a mix of an activity-based solution and traditional fixed locations.


  • An office that reflects the company’s soul and positions JLL at the centre of the industry.
  • The office is an important instrument in promoting JLL’s brand and corporate culture and has become a hot topic in the industry.
  • A strong conceptual solution with its own expression.
  • The office is attractive, modern and gives a welcoming feeling – at every visit. An environment that creates good conditions for memorable meetings.
  • The project was nominated for the competition “Sweden’s best-designed office in 2015”.