• Overcoming the spatial limitations of an semi-underground setting with small windows, which previously resulted in predominantly dark areas
  • Finding the right balance between rentable and reservable spaces, and designing a variety of meeting rooms that maintain a sense of openness and space. 
  • Maintaining a consistent theme throughout the design, tailoring it for various uses, and integrating art as an essential, not just an added, element of the concept.


  • Close collaboration with the facility management team was crucial to ensure long-term and sustainable solutions.
  • Innovative utilization of lighting was employed to enhance artwork, add functionality, and create variation in the conference spaces, as well as to create the illusion of above-ground space. 
  • Collaboration with the chosen art gallery for art selection, constantly challenging and rethinking what a conference space can be, leading to an exploratory and innovative design process.


  • The conference area now stands as a dynamic and expressive representation of the FENIX concept, attracting a broader audience and adding a new layer to the space.
  • A valued addition for both tenants and the surrounding area, resulting in numerous external bookings. 
  • ​​A meeting space that effectively communicates the FENIX concept in a bolder and more inspiring manner, featuring strong forms, colors, and art as an essential element.