• A vacant premises failing to create revenue.
  • Improve an anonymous office building.
  • Worn out technical installations.
  • Structure of a large tenant – hard to rent out.
  • An inaccessible closed building.
  • Make the property sellable by 2016.


  • Solving the difficulty of renting out a structure previously suited to a large tenant enabling a multi tenant solution.
  • Rebrand and create new profiling of the entire property.
  • Entance the standard and service offering.
  • Upgrading of installations and environmental certification.
  • Adaptation of both property and premises to suit market demand.
  • New entrances that create greater opportunities for sharing public spaces.


  • Property almost fully let by 2014.
  • The property was sold to AMF in 2015.
  • New tenants with strong brands signing long rental leases.
  • Rent levels above prediction.
  • An open, attractive and inviting property.
  • Extremely flexible office spaces.
  • Environmental certification of the property.