• Create an inspiring office that reflects the company’s soul – a young, innovative and global tech company. EQT Ventures must quickly establish itself as a credible investor and the office is an important communicator.
  • Find a separate identity to the newly established subsidiary company in relation to the parent company.
  • A requirement for multiple rooms for their many internal client meetings with new Start Up companies.
  • Visualise ‘Mother Brain’ within the interior design.
  • Small premises and a fast growing organisation.
  • Fit within the space as well as being able to grow within the premises.


  • Create an interior design with a clear Start Up atmosphere while at the same time integrating inspiration from the parent company EQT’s values.
  • Create an office that becomes a natural venue for meetings. A welcoming place where you can meet and exchange experiences and ideas.
  • Instead of being met by a classic reception, visitors upon arrival enter a relaxed lounge with a coffee machine and comfortable seating.
  • The program ‘Mother Brain’ is visualised on digital displays in the room.
  • The office has an external part with meeting rooms.


  • A personal office concept that reflects EQT Venture’s values and allows the company to stand out from other investment funding partners in the industry.
  • The solution of coming straight into the lounge allows the staff to welcome their visitors personally and encourages natural and casual meetings.
  • The public ‘Mother Brain’ installation is often a natural conversation piece during the meetings.
  • The company is very pleased with their new office and how it helps them in their daily activities.