• Create a design concept based on EQT’s shift towards more transparency and openness, by removing silos within the company and having a more flexible and open way of working
  • Design premises that live up to EQT’s professionalism, impeccable level of service and long-term perspective when purchasing and refining companies
  • Create an international concept suitable for EQT’s global clients and teams that exudes stability and success
  • Interpret the right mood aesthetically while ensuring high functionality and a very high level of security


  • Studio Stockholm was involved in every step of this project from helping with the selection of premises to analysing employee needs and sourcing specialists
  • Close work with an EQT steering group, the property owners and numerous specialists, from acoustics and lighting experts to catering consultants and security experts
  • Weekly on-site visits were conducted during the more than one-year process to inspect and ensure top quality
  • Everything was specially designed, from the massive oak ceiling with its sophisticated lighting and invisible acoustics to an eleven-metre conference table, which had to be lifted onto the top floor by a crane through EQT’s terrace
  • Only the finest natural materials were used, including solid oak, terrazzo stone, glass and leather, which were refined to ensure they age with dignity
  • Extremely accurate 3D visualisation was used at an early stage to get the property owner and everyone else in the project on board with each detail


  • Support functions are gathered in the middle of the premises, surrounded by open lounges and workspaces that become successively more transparent towards the façade
  • Silos have been removed and employees are working over borders with one single culture, due to the dynamics of a more open physical space
  • Employees are extremely pleased and proud of their new office
  • Studio Stockholm has produced a new brand manual for building or remodelling EQT’s other offices worldwide and will apply the new way of working to EQT’s international sites in America, Europe and Asia
  • In addition to designing EQT’s head office, Studio Stockholm has designed EQT’s Luxembourg and Singapore offices and is currently working on the Madrid and Paris offices
  • Everything was delivered on time and within the budget set by Studio Stockholm two and a half years prior to moving in