• Implementing cost-effective solutions to achieve a high-quality, multifunctional office environment.
• Constructing a versatile workspace that meets an array of diverse needs while ensuring Elgiganten’s unique brand identity is included into every aspect.
• Overcoming logistical challenges presented by the building infrastructure.


• The project adhered to Studio Stockholm’s process, from the initial strategy and analysis phase through to the final follow-up.
• Programming based on thorough brand analysis as well as working practices and the needs of employees.
• Using color creatively was an essential and cost-efficient strategy to bring about significant change.


• A true embodiment and reflection of Elgiganten’s brand, values, and priorities, signifying a strategic shift from an employer branding and recruitment perspective.
• An update in working methods with a focus on activity-based environments, as well as the incorporation of multifunctional spaces such as conference areas and a showroom for their Epoq kitchen range.
• A design that gives a nod to Elgiganten’s stores, integrating recognizable elements such as their color schemes, wooden materials, and generous ceiling heights.