• Three companies moving into a new office creating a new/shared culture and identity as a group.
  • The new office should reflect the group’s international and premium stature while letting the brand stay “best in its class.”
  • The corporate group wanted to create synergies between the companies. The staff should be able to collaborate across borders – while maintaining the confidentiality of the companies, which was very important.


  • An international interior concept with a stripped down and bold identity. Modern art, raw materials and distinctive design elements create a daring style.
  • A well-planned solution that promotes both openness and confidentiality between the companies. Three closed departments with strict privacy combined with three open departments that include a shared atrium, large kitchen and many common areas for meetings, working and creative discussions.
  • An activity-based office. In correlation with the move, Studio Stockholm helped to introduce an activity-based approach throughout the corporate group.


  • A strong design expression that stands out. The office has given Brunswick Real Estate a uniqueness in the industry and has received a great deal of attention.
  • The group has managed to create a common environment for its employees and there has been a very positive response to their new office.
  • Efficiency has increased thanks to a flexible and dynamic way of working. There has been cooperation between the companies which has also identified new business areas. As a result, the group has expanded further and started new subsidiaries.