• Designing an inspiring, creative world-class workplace that reflects Avalanche Studios’ premium brand and the genre in which they operate in: open world.
  • Find the right premises that will live up to the company’s high standards for location, technology and security.
  • A requirement of being able to control both daylight and artificial light.
  • Must have many functions in a limited area.
  • This is the first time the company is investing in improving their work environment and taking a firm stance on their office design.
  • Identify a new position and with the help of the new office transfer the brand from a start-up mentality to a premium one.
  • Create an office where the concept will endure over time and evolve together with the employees.


  • Help with the building search and evaluation of the premises according to the industry’s requirements for ventilation, cooling, electricity, equipment and safety.
  • Offer strategic assistance with the contract for the premises.
  • Perform analytical work to map the employees’ personalities, values and sources of inspiration.
  • Transform Avalanche Studios’ familial atmosphere and rock attitude into the physical environment. Create a pimped futuristic dystopia with a twist of rock star style.
  • Design office workstations that consist of pods where game developers work in groups of 12.
  • Design an open floor plan with many social spaces for meetings and creative discussions.
  • Create shared collection shelves where employees can display their inspirational gadgets.
  • Create a design that is characterised by physical materials, in contrast to Avalanche’s digital world.


  • An office as big and dynamic as the company’s games.
  • A strong and personal office concept that distinguishes itself from other gaming companies in the industry and reflects Avalanche Studios’ values, history and future visions.
  • A rough and permissive environment based entirely on the employees’ values. The employees embody the whole culture and identity of Avalanche – the grass roots are the inspiration for the concept.
  • The studio’s employees are very positive about their new office.
  • Efficiency has increased thanks to a flexible and dynamic approach.
  • The project was nominated for the competition “Sweden’s best-designed office in 2016”.