• Handling a complex reuse process, with sustainability incorporated into every aspect of the project.
• Choosing suitable reused furniture and dealing with uncertainties about reusable building materials. For instance, how to plan for the reuse of glass partitions before knowing exactly what will be available?
• Balancing design and sustainability objectives to reduce the project’s CO2 footprint.


• Initial strategy aligned with Fabege’s main office design concept, ensuring a coherent design with the unique Fabege touch.
• A sustainability lens was applied to each decision made, down to the smallest details.
• Everything from construction materials to furniture was sourced and reused from other Fabege-owned properties.


• Återbrukskontoret, an office space that not only provides a functional work environment but also serves as a showcase for the practical application of reuse principles, setting a new standard for sustainable design.
• A vibrant space that aligns with the branding and tonality of Fabege’s main office, demonstrating the feasibility of implementing a consistent design concept.
• Significant reduction in the project’s climate impact.