• How do you create long-term and sustainable architecture which simultaneously appears naturally integrated?
  • How do you make an area easily accessible, pleasant and attractive from the start?
  • How do you adapt buildings so that they function today as well as in a different future?
  • How do you combine recreation with innovative construction and technological solutions?


  • With exciting new ideas and innovative solutions, create a neighbourhood where everyone is happy and feels safe and welcome. Think in a smart and sustainable way with a focus on social integration, flexibility and greenery – while achieving this in an economical way.
  • Create an innovative ‘BoRum’ concept with flexible apartments that can be adapted for different target groups and those in different phases in life. The concept should be based on a new way of adapting a floor plan, where many of the apartments are also equipped with rooms for rent with separate entrance.
  • In an integrated mix of modern and traditional materials this ensures both quality as well as a contemporary addition to the urban landscape.
  • Create green, organic courtyards with a variety of materials giving a sense of peace and harmony. The increased interest in sustainable lifestyles should be reflected through the accessibility of a common woodland garden – a cultivated environment where everything that grows is edible and available to all residents. By creating good conditions for urban farming, integration amongst residents is also promoted and social ties are strengthened.


  • A solution of social integration, flexibility and sustainable lifestyle taking urban farming to a new level.